Mairtin Malcomhair from Gweedore contacted Donegal Now earlier today expressing concern over the condition of a water mains pipe replaced in Crolly, Gweedore.

After the pipe was replaced the old one, which appears to have ruptured at some point, was left by the roadside. Mairtin was particularly concerned with the poor condition of the old water mains pipe, which was only replaced two days ago.

He said: “This pipe supplied the Gweedore area and we have been drinking this water for years. This is only one metre of pipe, not to mention the rest of the county which I am presuming is the same.

“This pipe was only replaced two days ago. The people of this county are being forced to fork out a small fortune for the installation of water metres, and in the meantime we’re being forced to boil water, which I might point out doesn’t always kill bacteria etc.”

Mairtin was outraged at the unkempt and unhygienic appearance of the old pipe, “This is my country, and until the entire system is drinkable from a tap I will not pay a penny. The people of this county need to see where their water comes from!”

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