Hilarious new play at the Alley Theatre this week

Review by Marianne Flood

When a play opens with the lead character stumbling on stage in a pair of tights and one shoe you know you’re in for a good night.

‘The Dumped Divorcee Support Group Rides Again’ is the brand new play by Irene Melaugh who also stars as Maura, the unlucky in love heroine whose closest relationship is with her bottle of vodka.

The first ‘Dumped Divorcee Support Group’ saw Maura, Rosie, Eileen start another chapter in their lives with new partners but Rosie and Eileen are now living with Maura in her two bedroom house and the situation is explosive.

They are joined by their gay best friend Eugene who laments the lack of talent in the town saying ‘there isn’t even anybody who would give ye a bad thought’.

Eileen has been chucked out of the convent, Rosie has left her man because he was wearing out all her clothes and Maura’s new life with big culchie husband wasn’t everything it cracked up to be.

But there’s certainly no lack of craic in the play, with the one liners coming thicker and faster than an episode of Derry Girls.

The recent run of the Dumped Divorcees at the Millennium Forum had the audience screaming with laughter from the minute the curtain went up.

The perfect tonic to a long week at work or anyone with a Valentine’s fatigue the play sees Rosie, Eileen and Eugene start up the Divorcee Support Group again.

Irene Melaugh has a great ear for dialogue and the jokes are so funny there’s barely time to catch breath your breath before the next one.

Despite the group meeting in Maura’s house she has no idea her front door is about to be opened to a series of new characters including a virginal brother and sister from ‘planet no-nookie’ and a nun with more than a passing resemblance to Danny DeVito.

There’s also a Presbyterian Minister with a great selections of Menary’s suits who is wide eyed at the things he sees in Maura’s front room.

Cow clapped Roger-Over-And-Out reappears from Donegal looking like an over sexed Worzel Gummidge and attempts to sweep Maura off her feet.

And Eileen’s ex-husband Jack has decided that even though he’s now Jacklyn, he wants Eileen back.

As for Rosie, she lives in the hope that just one normal man will find his way to the group.

Dream on Rosie!

‘The Dumped Divorcee Support Group Rides Again’ is one for one night only on Thursday February 15 at the Alley Theatre in Strabane.

Tickets are available from Alley Theatre Box Office 02871 384444 or online www.alley-theatre.com.

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